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  • PC building has come a long way, but some myths just refuse to dieMyths about PC building are as old as PC building itself..
  • It's a fulfilling endeavor as long as you're patient and willing to learn the basics.As long as we keep getting newer technologies, upgraded components, and new additions to the community, PC-building myths might never die completely..
  • Thanks to premium materials, top-notch construction, and decades of expertise, many manufacturers still offer incredible air coolers that excel equally in performance and acoustics.Whether it's Noctua, DeepCool, or be quiet!, you have no lack of excellent air-cooling options to cool your high-end chip..
  • So, despite the many advantages of liquid cooling vs air cooling, it's not as necessary as it's made out to be.The term "bottlenecking" is often thrown around in conversations about pairing the perfect CPU with a complementary GPU..
  • This myth can be traced back to many PC builders permanently gravitating toward liquid AIOs and custom watercooling loops to keep up with both power-hungry processors and the general high-end configurations of their builds.But this doesn't mean that air coolers have suddenly become pointless..
  • At that point, the chip will still have become outdated to cause you any real heartburn.Outside of aesthetic preferences and some size limitations, the best liquid coolers are far from a necessity, even when rocking a Core i9 or Ryzen 9 CPU..
Key Takeaways Overclocking wont significantly reduce your hardwares lifespan if done sensibly. Guides are available to safely overclock your CPU or GPU. Liquid cooling is not ne [+7269 chars]

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