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  • This would imply there is a reason why Oliver would spend time with Michael.At several points in the film, the idea that Felix had a previous "toy" is alluded to, suggesting that before Oliver, Felix had taken in another indigent student as his friend..
  • The most significant flaw in the blood sacrifice theory is that Oliver seemed to develop his sinister plan long before he arrived at the estate.Rosamund Pike's Elspeth is the final survivor of the Catton family, years after the majority of the film's events..
  • In Saltburn, the sun's light could represent the estate itself or Felix's hope for other people.Carrey Mulligan is introduced in Saltburn as a character named Pamela, a "friend" of the family who's staying at the estate while hiding from a Russian billionaire..
  • The vital implication of Pamela's murder is that the Catton family feels nothing for her, and this demonstrates to Oliver how little the family cares for their guests, enabling him to follow through with his violent plan.Written and directed by Emerald Fennell, Saltburn is a 2023 comedy-thriller film..
  • Still, it's not far off to suggest that the allure of the Gothic estate could drive a character toward evil deeds.Oliver draws the blood of the Catton family in Saltburn and becomes the castle's new heir..
  • This would add to Michael's fierce disdain for the social climate at Oxford, specifically Felix and his friend group.The setting of Saltburn is a massive aspect of Emerald Fennel's film, distinguishing it specifically with Gothic elements, adding a layer of old-world mysticism..
Summary The theory that Michael Gavey was Felixs previous toy fills in gaps in the film and adds mystery to Olivers previous actions. A theory suggests that the Saltburn estat [+7900 chars]

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