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  • Doing good things for other people will make you feel good too, not just about yourself but about life in general.As Jupiter ends its retrograde phase in the partnership area of your chart this weekend you will find it easier to trust people both at home and at work..
  • That isn’t the best way to end the year, so toughen up, believe in yourself and ignore what other people say about you.You seem to have got it into your head that some of the people you work alongside have been plotting against you but that simply isn’t true..
  • Just don’t let your guard down so much that others might be tempted to cheat you.You will be remarkably open to alternative viewpoints this weekend – which isn’t like you at all – and one of those viewpoints could get you thinking in new and potentially profitable directions..
  • It’s almost like you are seeing with a new pair of eyes.What happens this weekend will bring the old year to a satisfying close and set you up for an amazing start to 2024..
  • You may be only one year older but you are wise beyond your years when it comes to understanding life and making the most of it.Have you been making the most of your talents?.
  • It could change your life.Keep routine tasks to a minimum this weekend because the more of an effort you make the less you are likely to accomplish..
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