Paper Mario The ThousandYear Door Rated For Switch By ESRB Nintendo Life

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  • I don't think it existed yet when the game first came out, but the game has lots of humor that's a bit more adult than your average Mario game..
  • @Not_Soos I'd definitely add a new Pokémon game to that list and a new Mario Party since they never usually go three years without a new one, last one was 2021 so it's due next year I recogn..
  • It's not like the game worlds and character writing are unimportant elements in an RPG, so TOK has some pretty significant edges.Though idea one game is just flatly better in most metrics is silly in the first place..
  • Personally, I would prefer Tomodachi Life.Never played the original so I'm quite looking forward to diving into this game for the first time, especially as I've seen it mentioned a LOT of times when it comes to the best paper mario games..
  • The early Paper Mario games always had a brilliant sense of humour, but this game in particular had a lot of mature stuff for a Nintendo game..
  • People above have said most of the reasons that I also think of.There are definitely a few mature themes in the game and they aren't quite all just about flirting either.Overall though, most of the game feels very E+ anyway..
@jamesthemagiI definitely dont think were getting Metroid Prime 4 that soon. It makes more sense for Nintendo to release ports of 2 and 3 first. And, Im in the minority here, but I still think N [+874 chars]

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