New Samsung Leak Reveals Stunning Galaxy S24 Design Decisions Forbes | Summary

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  • That also means the software must be in the best condition possible.Samsung will rely on its recently announced Samsung Gauss AI software for these experiences, which are expected to include photo editing tools, generative wallpaper, text creation, and real-time translation..
  • All this and more needs training data, and this weekend’s announcement of a partnership with the Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences is an important addition to the data sets.The partnership offers Samsung 20,000 academic papers to train the generative model in Gauss..
  • That might not help out with photo editing, but it will undoubtedly contribute to the large language model that will support text content being created and summarized on a user's device..
  • The latter will power every Galaxy S24 Ultra model but only a select number of Galaxy S24 and S24+ models, depending on which territory you buy your new Galaxy S smartphone.The biggest news comes with the GPU..
  • The latter should allow for more sustained performance.One of the biggest benefits to the Exynos 2400 over the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is the simplest… it’s cheaper.Last week’s leaked prices suggest that Samsung will carry over the Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra prices to the Galaxy S24 family..
  • With 2024’s smartphones all rolling out AI-based features, strong specifications will be needed to offer fast and smooth experiences for AI software running locally..
As the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 family draws closer, more attention is being paid to Samsungs decisions around the heart of the new flagship smartphone.The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (Photo b [+1741 chars]

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