Costcos hottest item isnt rotisserie chickens. Its $2,000 gold bars CNN | Summary

Image for article Costcos hottest item isnt rotisserie chickens. Its $2,000 gold bars  CNN | Summary

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  • According to the Costco website, the non-refundable gold comes “in a sealed black assay card” and is “individually stamped with a unique serial number.” The company sold more than $100 million worth of gold bars last quarter, Galanti told analysts during the company’s earnings call on Thursday..
  • Costco’s success in selling gold comes as the company continues to report strong profits from the pandemic in 2020, when customers rushed to stores to load up on groceries and household staples..
  • Gold prices, meanwhile, hit an all-time high earlier this month, buoyed by growing expectations of interest rate cuts among investors, a weaker dollar and geopolitical tensions..
  • Gold Bar PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Veriscan was listed as sold out on Costco’s site this week and bars usually sell out hours after being posted on Costco’s website, according to chief financial officer Richard Galanti..
  • When interest rates are low, falling or — as in this case — expected to fall, demand for Treasuries ebbs, and gold, which doesn’t pay out any interest, becomes relatively more attractive..
  • gold bars on Friday were going for $2,069.99, with a limit of two bars per Costco membership..
Would you like a $2,000 gold bar at Costco with your $4.99 rotisserie chicken?Yes, Costco sells more than just toilet paper, office supplies and food items, and the company is quite effective at it [+1836 chars]

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