Nicole Kidman Says Thank Daughter for Big Little Lies Season 3 E! NEWS

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  • "It was a 90-day shoot and they approached the seven episodes like a seven-hour film in three parts, filming the first three episodes, then taking a two-week break to prep for 4 and 5, then taking four or five days to get ready for 6 and 7..
  • "Action!Aside from three weeks of filming on location in Monterey, the first season of BLL was primarily shot in Los Angeles—but director Vallée stressed the importance of setting the scene up the coast.The ocean in Monterey was "very angry, very visual, very powerful," he told DGA Quarterly in 2019..
  • I don't know where to look and I never wanted to offend one by going to another one first to say, 'You are so good, you break my heart, you're so beautiful..
  • But in season two Bonnie is "really struggling," and her style "becomes much more shapeless, colorless and thoughtless..
  • Sadly, Vallée died of heart disease on Christmas Day 2021 at the age of 58.Kravitz mentioned his sudden passing during a GQ Q&A in 2022 as the reason she didn't think there would be another season of BLL, saying "I just can't imagine going on without him..
  • "The Emmy and DGA Award winner remained a producer on the series but he handed the directing reins to Andrea Arnold for season two while he worked on other projects..
In the shows second season, the main characters were all reeling in their own ways.Thelook of Derns Renatawho refuses to notnotbe rich even in the face of financial and marital ruinwas powerf [+746 chars]

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