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  • “After I won, they asked me to come back every year after to guest-perform, and so I come back every year on the show and see everybody that was there when I was 12..
  • “It’s funny, they say things that I would never say to someone but … can get away with it so it’s pretty fun.”Farmer’s “AGT” win made her the third ventriloquist to win the show, following one of her idols, Terry Fator, and Paul Zerdin..
  • “It’s such a unique thing, so my whole goal was to bring it back and show people it’s OK to be shy,” Darci told the Deseret News in 2018..
  • And while the art form didn’t exactly come easy to her right away, now she considers it “second nature.”“I’ve always thought of it as, my puppets can get away with murder but I can’t,” she previously told the Deseret News..
  • “I was really thankful for the opportunity to go on and show people who I am now, just because I think people have frozen me at 12,” she told The Oklahoman..
  • So, I measure my life like, ‘Oh, I got my license this year, and then I went on ‘AGT,’” she told The Oklahoman.Farmer began learning ventriloquism when she was 10 as a way to help overcome her shyness, the Deseret News previously reported..
Its been seven years since Darci Lynne Farmer stepped onto the stage of Americas Got Talent to sing George Gershwins Summertime with the help of her sassy rabbit puppet named Petunia. That auditio [+4561 chars]

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