Wrestlers Who Absolutely Blew It At Royal Rumble Wrestling Inc.

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  • Bad camera work struck again when Edge made his shocking return in the 2020 match, with his first spear since being forced to retire years earlier missed by the cameras.The final egregiously bad botch came during the women's Royal Rumble match in 2023..
  • Santina Marella returned in the 2020 Royal Rumble match, just the third women's Rumble match in history, to the groans of fans who thought Marella's character was taking up a spot of a much more deserving woman at the number 29 position..
  • There was reportedly heat on McMahon for the way he took charge of the booking in an attempt to make the match all about himself.McMahon entered the match at number 28, but it was supposed to be Randy Orton who entered from the spot..
  • Reportedly, Orton was set to enter the match, but McMahon's "Here Comes The Money" theme music played, and Orton said he was absolutely not entering to the music, so McMahon had to enter the match a spot early..
  • Though he wasn't actually in the previously mentioned 2005 Rumble match, McMahon was one of its biggest losers after he legitimately tore both of his quads when restarting the match with only its last two competitors, Cena and Batista..
  • Batista was meant to win the match and ended up being declared the winner after Vince McMahon stormed down the ramp and into the ring and ordered the final portion of the match with Batista and Cena to be restarted..
Another potentially surprising name on this list is Stone Cold Steve Austin, though the first time he failed in a Royal Rumble was when he was still known as The Ringmaster. Its a botch that cou [+810 chars]

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