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  • Who, or what, would possibly want to stop that kind of progress?Danvers gets called back to the precinct where she encounters yet another one of her booty-call buddies, Captain Ted Connelly (Christopher Eccleston), the very man who shipped her off to Ennis, Alaska in the first place..
  • “He’s out there.” The second episode had already unsettlingly plunged viewers even deeper into the mysterious world of Ennis—though the seemingly common knowledge that the town will make you “see dead people” does not seem like a tourism selling point—and the lives and regrets of its troubled inhabitants..
  • And just as they’re contending with that creepiness, they get a call in about another: The ice men have thawed, and one of them—yes, the tattooed scientist—is missing..
  • 42For that, Liz heads to the high school where one of her old paramours, a geologist, teaches, and he explains that the men were trying to sequence the DNA of an extinct microorganism that could potentially stop cellular decay, i.e..
  • He informs her that Anchorage will be taking jurisdiction over the “shit bowl” Corpsicle case, but she cites a police handbook that says frozen bodies cannot be moved or manipulated until they’re “properly thawed” (gross), which means she has 48 hours until her authority melts away..
  • Digging into the scientist’s credit-card statements leads her to a tattoo parlor that reveals that Annie and the marked researcher were, in fact, in a relationship during the time of her death and the scientist had gotten the spiral tattoo in her honor..
Frostbitten corneas, ruptured eardrums, chewedoff limbsits clear that the frozen scientists at the center of True Detective Night Countrys main mystery were already going through it well before the [+6284 chars]

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