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  • The IDA voice assistant is activated by a user saying "Hello IDA" or pressing a button on the steering wheel.Volkswagen noted in a press release that ChatGPT doesn’t gain access to any vehicle data, and questions and answers are deleted immediately to help ensure data protection..
  • Cerence Chat Pro is used to facilitate this as the platform leverages a variety of sources, including OpenAI's ChatGPT, to provide accurate and relevant responses to users’ queries.WHAT IS CHATGPT?OpenAI's ChatGPT is integrated into Volkswagen's "IDA" voice assistant for drivers..
  • "As we look to the future, together Volkswagen and Cerence will explore collaboration to design a new, large language model-based (LLM) user experience as the foundation of Volkswagen’s next generation in-car assistant..
  • ""With Cerence Chat Pro, VW is empowered with an automotive-grade ChatGPT integration that offers unmatched flexibility, customization, and ease of deployment, while prioritizing security and usability for drivers," Cerence CEO Stefan Ortmanns added in a statement..
  • (Volkswagen / Fox News)The feature doesn’t require Volkswagen drivers to create a new account or install either an app or ChatGPT..
  • "This also underlines the innovative strength of our new products..
Volkswagen unveiled its first vehicles with a voice assistant that uses the artificial intelligence (AI) technology behind ChatGPT at the CES electronics trade show in Las Vegas on Monday.The new [+3196 chars]

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