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  • Samsung can bring AI to the broadest possible market around the world.Consumers who walk into a store to “buy a new Samsung” will have AI in their hands, first with the S24 family and then throughout the year into the new Galaxy A handsets and the Galaxy Tabs..
  • More importantly, both Qualcomm and Samsung have ensured that the respective Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets have dedicated hardware to enhance AI and ML software routines.Samsung’s Exynos joins and reinforces Qualcomm’s snapdragon, MediaTek's Dimensity, and Google’s Tensor in offering hardware support for AI and ML routines..
  • Samsung’s iterative approach to the Ultra handsets means that the success of the S23 Ultra should easily carry on with the requisite upgrades in the specifications.It’s also worth remembering that the S24 Ultra is part of a family of phones..
  • A hole that will be packed by the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event.Samsung product launch in 2019 (Photo: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images)The upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event will lean heavily toward using artificial intelligence on the smartphone..
  • While Google’s launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro handsets was built around the promise of AI, the market share of Pixel devices and Galaxy devices are not in the same ballpark..
  • The practical impact of AI on photography will be part of OneUI, and the “Galaxy AI” will no doubt be mentioned throughout the launch and at every point-of-sale unit.There’s another area where Samsung can set the standard going forward..
Updated January 8 article originally posted January 7The upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event will set the standard for every flagship phone in 2024 to be measured against. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is Samsu [+4868 chars]

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