OpenAIs Plan to Give Everyone Custom Chatbots Drops Next Week Gizmodo

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  • “We’re gonna pay people who build the most useful and the most used GPTs a portion of our revenue.”The GPT Store could end up looking a lot like Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store..
  • Fostering a competitive, flourishing environment is key for the GPT Store since OpenAI has come under fire for taking out small AI startups with product updates.Another wrinkle in the GPT Store is that, like ChatGPT, it seems GPTs have some vulnerabilities..
  • However, several question marks will have to be ironed out when the GPT Store goes public.A big one is how the GPT Store plans to make money – kind of a key feature of a “store” after all..
  • OpenAI already patched the largest of these vulnerabilities, but they could be enough to scare off businesses from building GPTs.Lastly, the main question underlying all of this is: will GPTs be useful?.
  • But The GPT Store’s launch will open it up to free users, and it’s unclear how OpenAI plans to monetize it, especially because Altman promised to pay the best GPT developers.“Revenue sharing is important to us,” Altman said on DevDay..
  • However, these models have come under fire for monopolistic practices in the last year, as developers were tired of paying significant fees to the larger companies..
The GPT Store, a marketplace of customizable versions of ChatGPT, is launching next week according to an email OpenAI sent to developers on Thursday, first reported by The Information. The GPT Store [+2729 chars]

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