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  • Learn more.Be sure to read our Best Fitness Trackers, Best Fitbits, Best Garmin Watches, and Best Smartwatches guides for more recommendations.Fitbit Inspire 3This entry-level device packs quite a wallop in value, offering much of Fitbit's best features at an affordable price..
  • A fitness tracker or smartwatch certainly can be a helpful tool in monitoring your health, whether it's for tracking steps, your workouts, or even heart rate zones..
  • You can even get up to six days of use out of it before it needs a recharge.Fitbit Sense 2Aside from a brief period during this past year's Black Friday sale, this is the cheapest we've seen this watch..
  • The electrical cEDA sensor that it uses to measure galvanic skin response—a marker of stress—needs some work, but its electrocardiogram, SpO2, and skin temperature sensors deliver excellent sleep tracking results..
  • Still, this Wear OS 4 smartwatch matches the Apple Watch in its health and fitness features, plus it's round!.
  • As you'd expect from a Garmin, satellite support is phenomenal, although you need a phone paired to use all the features, and there's no solar charging.Garmin Instinct 2 SolarCall this one svelte, but don't call it stripped down..
Another new year, another bombardment of fitness and health resolutions (plus expensive monthly gym subscriptions). Dont let your commitment to a year of renewed health fizzle like dayold champagne [+5521 chars]

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