Society of the Snow A RealLife Plane Crash Leads to Cannibalism The Daily Beast

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  • Instead, the director throws the enormity of the landscape, and the imperceptible smallness of the survivors, into sharp relief, balancing panoramic aerial views of the crash site with shadow-encased, borderline-distorted close-ups of his characters’ visages, their complexions filthy and their eyes panicked and anguished..
  • As close to the middle of nowhere as any spot on the planet, it was a location almost preternaturally designed to never be found, and for 71 days, it wasn’t, forcing those who didn’t die during the initial accident to valiantly try to stay alive..
  • However, in a far graver way, what they experienced, and what they returned with, is something dark, unshakeable, unhealable—a scream of sorrow, fury and pain so loud that, were it unleashed, it would dwarf all the real cries (for mother!.
  • HORROR STORY“Society of the Snow” revisits the horrific 1972 flight disaster that left its survivors stranded for 71 days with the unthinkable as the only option to stave off starvation.Entertainment CriticDirector J.A..
  • Things certainly prove bleak for these disparate souls in the Andes, especially once their food runs out and they’re forced to consider eating their deceased comrades for sustenance..
  • Camaraderie and an unquenchable hunger for additional life sustained the 16 men who eventually emerged from this Andes hellhole after 72 days..
Director J.A. Bayona is drawn to calamities and the unimaginable fortitudeand providencerequired to survive them, and 11 years after he tackled those subjects with 2012s The Impossible (and then, in [+6221 chars]

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