Man killed in Delta jet engine at SLC Airport had a manic episode, family says KSLTV

Image for article Man killed in Delta jet engine at SLC Airport had a manic episode, family says  KSLTV
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  • “And that’s our hope for other kids and other parents, is finding that professional help, and finding that middle ground of stability.”Judd Efinger also said he plans to do more now to help other families who have kids with bipolar disorder.“That’s what Kyler Efinger would have wanted,” he said..
  • “And, you know, we’re super thankful that the pilot was able to turn off the engine, but I guess it was still spinning.”Judd Efinger said his son did have a medical marijuana card and used medical marijuana to self-medicate for his bipolar disorder..
  • He said it was triggered by severe bullying in high school.The family said that Kyler Efinger missed his flight on Monday..
  • You know, he’s just so manic at that point that he just didn’t have any rational thoughts.”The family hopes to learn more about the moments leading up to why he ran.“It’s just too bad that yeah, he was able to, in that state,” Judd Efinger said..
  • The family won’t know if he had anything in his system until the toxicology report comes back.They did say Kyler Efinger had a hard time getting professional help — a message they’re hoping to change to honor their son and brother..
  • They believe the episode was eventually triggered by what police called a “confrontation” that happened in the airport.“He’s a soccer player and a skater, so I guess he ran a large distance on an open runway, you know, to this de-icing area..
SALT LAKE CITY The family of a man who died after crawling into a plane engine at the Salt Lake International Airport on Monday said their son and brother was likely having a manic episode.Judd Efi [+2905 chars]

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