Windows 11 Automatically Free Up Space on Your PC With This Hidden Feature CNET

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  • If you click on it, it will scan your system and recommend files for you to manually delete, such as temporary files, large or unused files, files synced with your cloud and unused apps.Want to learn more about Windows 11?.
  • Reviews ethics statement Use Storage Sense to delete temporary files, manage your cloud storage and get some extra drive space..
  • You can also click Show more categories to view a further breakdown.The setting we're interested in, however, is Storage Sense, which automatically frees up space on your computer whenever your disk space is low..
  • Inevitably it'll slow down and your apps will freeze and crash more frequently, making your PC difficult and frustrating to use.The fix is obvious -- you need to clean up your drive -- but you may have a difficult time deciding exactly which files to get rid of..
  • If you're looking for additional storage space, but don't want to break the bank, check out Seagate's 1TB external hard drive for your Windows computer.On your Windows 11 computer, go to Settings > System > Storage..
  • And if you're worried about getting rid of important files, don't fret -- Windows 11 will help you decide what to get rid of to improve your PC's performance.If you want to learn more, check out more features we love on Windows 11..
Its almost guaranteed, but if youve got an older Windows computer, youre probably low on disk space. And unfortunately for you, a hard drive with little to no space will be a drag on your computer [+5897 chars]

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