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  • The steering wheel could also be adjusted for height, the seats were electrically operated, and it could even be equipped with remote-controlled mirrors.What makes these elements special is that they didn't last long..
  • It's definitely a classic Olds that's worth your attention today.With a body that has a very pronounced tumblehome design, narrowing the further up it goes, the wheel arches are very pronounced..
  • The car had deep, sporty-looking seats and a (small for the era) 15.5-inch steering wheel that provided an engaging drive..
  • The Toronado ended up being completely changed, and by the first generation's final year of production, 1970, even its characteristic rounded wheel wells were more squared off..
  • They are so big that they seem to be an homage to car designs of the 1930s, as are the factory 15-inch wheels, which look a lot like those from a Cord 810.Designers carried over some of the exterior's sporty elegance inside the Toronado..
  • This gave it superior stopping power, which was great given that the car could easily cruise at 80 mph..
When the Oldsmobile Toronado arrived in 1966, it had instant classic written all over it. Its daring lowslung design was inspired by a painting by Oldsmobiles assistant chief designer at the time, [+1215 chars]

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