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  • Instead of stealing on Christmas morning, the Bad Guys set out to save the holiday by giving back to the community.Netflix’s first Norwegian series follows a single woman searching for a boyfriend during the holiday season in Home for Christmas..
  • Annoyed by the people of Whoville, the furry green curmudgeon decides to ruin everyone’s holiday by stealing all their gifts and decorations.An unusual children’s story, yes, but a story that flipped the script on how people had come to envision Christmas while exploring the holiday’s true meaning..
  • But the special’s music alone has become just as memorable, capturing the joy and nostalgia of the holidays in its purest form.This year marks the 20th anniversary of PBS’ annual Christmas with The Tabernacle Choir holiday special..
  • Ahead of Call the Midwife‘s 13th season next year, PBS will air this year’s special, which takes place two weeks ahead of Christmas 1968.According to the special’s official description, “delicate situations cause uncertainty for the midwives..
  • Instead, this list will spotlight classic TV specials from yesteryear, modern specials starring vibrant talents such as Hannah Waddingham, or streaming shows that are holiday themed..
  • Because of the film’s popularity and box office success ($250 million worldwide), the criminal group is back for another adventure in a new television special, The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday.Set before the film’s events, the Bad Guys set out to execute a heist on Christmas morning..
It wouldnt be the holiday season without some marathon bingeing in front of the TV set. Yet while there are plenty of movies to watch over the holiday (dont believe us? Just check Digital Trends b [+15657 chars]

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