GGs 2023 Game of the Year Parallel Decrypt | Summary

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  • “On the card game side, we have new sets and mechanics coming that will continue to set us apart—not only from games in Web3, but in the card game space in general,” he added..
  • A single Parallel match is all it takes to realize that this game isn’t trying to copy Hearthstone, like so many other NFT trading card games..
  • Instead it offers an eye-catching, elegant sci-fi world with intense matches and unique cards spread across different factions.One of the best parts of Parallel is that its five factions don’t feel like reskins of one another..
  • “Then we look at the current set and where the gaps are.”With the Planetfall expansion, Nagata said that the new cards will evolve some “mid-range strategies.”“Up until now, we've seen a lot of early and late-game dominant win conditions..
  • All prospective players have to do is sign up via Parallel’s website—it didn’t take press privileges for us to get access to this game..
  • The game already has its own crypto token, PRIME, as well as tons of Ethereum and Base card NFTs..
Parallel sets a new standard for NFT card games while breaking free of the broader genre moldand thats why it is GGs Game of the Year for 2023.The space opera trading card game (TCG) is freetopla [+4017 chars]

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