Your daily horoscope December 23, 2023 The Globe and Mail | Summary

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  • On the contrary, if you take your time and aim for quality work rather than quantity this weekend you are sure to make a good impression.You have never been one to make excuses for your behaviour and you are strongly advised not to start now..
  • You MUST get your head together this weekend.If you find it difficult to perform this weekend you must take that as a message from the stars that you have been doing too much and are now so wired, both physically and mentally, that exhaustion is about to claim you..
  • In short, have a good time!As Mercury moves back into the partnership area of your chart this weekend it should be easier to get your point across to friends and colleagues..
  • Anyone in your social circle who is less than positive must be kept at arm’s length this weekend – you don’t need their harmful vibes.Have friends and family members been keeping things from you?.
  • Don’t even think of trying to ignore them.The only thing that can hold you back is if you allow other people’s negative outlook on life to get under your skin..
  • The more other people try to make you feel guilty this weekend the more you must celebrate what you have done..
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