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  • What's on your list?Linda Holmes, Pop Culture Correspondent, NPR:I did love a lot of heavy films this year, but I'm also happy to provide a couple that have maybe a little more cheer.I am one of the many people who enjoyed "Barbie.".
  • I mean, it did feel like one of those unpredictable and perhaps unrepeatable phenomena.I remember going into a theater, not even to see "Barbie" or "Oppenheimer," both of which I enjoyed very much in different ways..
  • Greta Gerwig, in writing and directing that, just did much more with it than maybe people expected.And another one I…Jeffrey Brown:And clearly struck a chord.Linda Holmes:Absolutely.Jeffrey Brown:Yes.Linda Holmes:I mean, theatrical distribution still needs some big hits..
  • "Nice to see you both.Justin, why don't I start with you?Why don't you give us a couple of your favorites?Justin Chang, The Los Angeles Times:Yes, hi, Geoff.My favorite movie of the year really snuck up on me..
  • I love being in thrall with an audience to a really big, glorious vision.But, as a film critic, I'm concerned with the audience going to movies on a regular basis to make it a regular part of their entertainment diet, rather than just an exception..
  • To help guide us on the best ones to add to your list, Jeffrey Brown speaks to two film critics on their top picks of the year..
Justin ChangI dont want to say too much about it. Its a gay love story. Its a drama about parentchild reconciliation, and its also and this is not a spoiler its a ghost story.I havent [+927 chars]

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