Microsoft is Pulling the Plug on Windows VR Headsets Road to VR | Summary

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News Summary

  • Microsoft gas pretty much done nothing but stupidity in its consumer related hardware and software since Gates retired.Microsoft have since said that the portal software will be removed from the store, no longer available to download, and likely become incompatible with future versions of Windows after that..
  • That meant Steam was sucking up the vast majority of content-related revenue from Windows VR headsets, leaving Microsoft with little to show for their efforts.While the Windows VR headsets were otherwise decent and affordable, a few critical pain points went unaddressed for far too long..
  • Do not feed it. you push hardware manufacturers to create VR headsets(probably with the incentive of getting Windows software discounts for their offices) but made no games for them as a multi TRILLION dollar company, what do you expect is to happen?.
  • But then again maybe the removed support is like with SMB which was also officially removed, but still available through download.Microsoft do this to a lot of their software, I never trust them to not drop something down the line..
  • And it’s possible that Microsoft will make the packages available as separate downloads so that Windows VR headsets can continue to work, even if they are no longer being supported..
  • Microsoft has billions, but just like console, they didn’t support the headsets with games..
Microsoft announced this week that it plans to remove support for its entire WMR platform on Windows, which could make Windows VR headsets inoperable.A Good StartMicrosoft was surprisingly quick [+3715 chars]

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