BikeRumor Editors Choice 2023 Jeremys Gear of the Year | Summary

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  • They also look fairly reasonable off the bike, and you can wear them around like a comfortable pair of joggers and not look like you just finished a bike ride.The Tarn Merino Shift Wind Jersey unlocked a new level of comfort while riding in cool fall conditions..
  • It was also incredible to see so many of my friends come out and push themselves and the community come together over riding and racing bikes again.In addition to the occasional mountain bike race, I thoroughly enjoy gravel riding and racing..
  • Even in the soft and ultra-soft compounds, they’ve also been surprisingly durable and lasted much longer than expected.HT Components doesn’t have the market share of better-known pedal brands like Shimano, Crankbrothers, or Time, but their T2 Trail pedals might just be my new favorite..
  • They’re also lighter weight than many similar pedals, competitively priced, and they come in a huge range of colors if that’s your thing.The Hope Union TC pedals also deserve a mention here because they are beautifully crafted, just like everything else Hope makes..
  • Fortunately, I rode in a lot of different shoes this year and found some new favorites.They’ve been on the market for a few years now, but I finally got around to riding in the Crankbrothers Mallet Boa and I was very impressed..
  • The Zeb Ultimate fork and Super Deluxe Ultimate shock also deserve special mention for being absolutely fantastic on this bike.On a trip in the early summer, I blew out the rear shock on my trail bike riding in Ashland, Oregon..
As 2023 comes to a close, I was asked to give a quick rundown of my favorite products of the year. Now, you may be asking yourself, who the heck is this guy? And thats totally understandable. My name [+26957 chars]

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