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  • A huge smile stretches over Orm’s face as he savors the taste, and the scene cuts to black.Obviously, the credits scene is a reference to Orm’s gross taste but also, on a positive note, his openness to rethinking his prejudices and finding beauty in the surface world..
  • Another adventure, perhaps?Aquaman 2 has one credits scene, and it’s a callback to one of the movie’s goofy jokes.In the film, Aquaman has to free his brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) from the Deserters, which involves him breaking into a maximum-security desert jail..
  • Intrigued, Orm gobbles one up and likes the taste, much to Aquaman’s dismay.The credits scene shows Orm finally enjoying the burger and beer his brother waxed poetic about, but not before a cockroach crawls on the table..
  • It also seems to indicate that this iteration of Aquaman is done.Usually, credits scenes tease our hero’s next movie..
  • The adventure takes our hero to the deep sea, a mutant jungle, a parched desert, and Antarctica, and includes themes about global warming and racism (apparently, Atlanteans have extreme prejudice against surface dwellers)..
  • Given all that, and especially with Momoa’s future as Aquaman in doubt, was there anything left for Warner Bros. to show in a credits scene?.
Spoiler warning This post contains spoilers for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is truly so much movie. The film marks the return of Aquaman a.k.a. Arthur Curry (Jason Mo [+4191 chars]

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