The historic struggle between workers and technology PBS NewsHour | Summary

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  • And tomorrow?Simon Johnson, Co-Author, "Power and Progress: Our Thousand-Year Struggle Over Technology and Prosperity": It could be something that helps workers be safer, helps them be more productive, and thought will get a high wage, or the same Spot could take people's jobs..
  • And so it remained for almost a century.But since about 1980, automation has outpaced the creation of shared prosperity jobs, says Johnson.Simon Johnson:People with a lot of education have done well..
  • And then if you want to use a particular machine‚ĶPaul Solman:And so, in fits and starts, the new factories of the 19th century prompted the long process of harnessing technology.Simon Johnson:They offered jobs to people who also didn't have a lot of education..
  • So, I think it's in the balance.Paul Solman:In "Power and Progress," economists Simon Johnson and Daron Acemoglu surveyed the history of technological progress and came to a sobering, if familiar, conclusion.Simon Johnson:Technology changes all the time, but it doesn't necessarily turn into shared prosperity..
  • could be a tool to rebuild the middle class or it could be a way in which the middle class, the remains of it get hollowed out further.Paul Solman:These are not real people.Artificial intelligence, today's technology frontier..
  • It leads to plenty of questions, including this: Does innovation lead to broad gains for everyone?Economics correspondent Paul Solman focused on the connections between technology and prosperity with one of the co-authors of a recent book.Paul Solman:Spot, the wonder dog, using A.I..
Paul SolmanSpot, the wonder dog, using A.I. to navigate tricky terrain. Already in service today at construction and manufacturing sites. And tomorrow?Simon Johnson, CoAuthor, Power and Progre [+254 chars]

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