Android 15 could add an iPhonelevel battery health menu Android Police | Summary

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  • That page currently shows your iPhone’s maximum battery capacity and lets you toggle Optimized Battery Charging and Clean Energy Charging on and off.In the latest Settings Services app on Pixel phones, there’s a new battery health page that needs to be manually activated to get it to show..
  • The new page showcases nodes and options such as stats about your battery usage and health, whether Battery Saver, Adaptive Charging, and Battery Share are turned on, and much more..
  • While there is an easily accessible battery information page that dropped in Google’s December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop and shows simple information such as the manufacture date and cycle count of your phone’s battery, a currently hidden menu showcases the framework of what’s to come..
  • Notably, there’s no information currently being shown on the battery health page except a note that says, “Batteries degrade over time and last fewer hours between charges.” Additionally, Rahman found that Google will soon be able to read and translate what the battery’s serial numbers are on Android phones..
  • This will help Android users tell whether their phone’s battery is legitimate or third-party.While it’s quite difficult for third-party apps at this time to accurately read battery life information, there are some that try to approximate numbers..
  • Mishaal Rahman noticed that battery options had been changed the day the build was released, with a new “allow background usage” toggle replacing the “Restricted” battery optimization..
Summary Android 14 introduced new APIs for tracking battery health, and Android 15 may further enhance this feature. The latest beta build of Android 14 includes battery options a [+3490 chars]

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