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  • We chose these items because they’re bringing something new to the gear table.And above all, they were chosen because they make outdoor adventures that much more enjoyable.Considering the vast amount of gear our GearJunkie editors and writers have tested over the last 12 months, we couldn’t include everything..
  • There’s much going on with this pad, so be sure to read our full review of the Tensor Extreme.“Jones believes the world doesn’t need more products, but that the world needs better products,” the snowboard brand boldly proclaimed..
  • There are many outdoor companies that have really impressed us in the past 2-5 years in terms of advancements in sustainability, but Jones’ latest initiative really brings that sentiment home.Introduced to the industry in October 2023 was Jones’ Re-Up Tech (coinciding with its Re-Up Snowboard Recycling Program)..
  • This marks the first time recyclable carbon is offered in more than just one-off components, and we hope that this starts a trend to improve the woefully low sustainability of current carbon bicycle frames and parts..
  • The ubiquitous twist-to-adjust closure system launched the H+i1 platform over the year and took the alpine ski boot world by storm..
  • With its “Innovation Garage” regularly releasing wild, limited-run knives and tools throughout the year (all of which sold out within minutes), the brand sets a pretty high bar for itself..
Its that time again!As 2023 zaps past us into the rearview, our annual Gear of the Year list is finally complete. Weve reflected, weve discussed and debated, and weve distilled the vast catalog of g [+15974 chars]

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