Xbox Series S deal takes console down to $230 ($70 off) The Verge

Image for article Xbox Series S deal takes console down to $230 ($70 off)  The Verge
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  • It plays the same games as the Series X, but you’re losing a disc drive, 4K resolution (it tops out at QHD but retains up to 120Hz variable refresh rates), and you’re only getting 512GB of storage, less whatever the system needs for itself..
  • He has covered tech and gaming for all of his 15-plus-year career for publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and more.If you buy something from a Verge link, Vox Media may earn a commission..
  • By Quentyn Kennemer, a writer who helps The Verge's readers save money by surfacing the best tech deals and presenting the latest product recommendations from our experts..
  • With triple-A games regularly exceeding 100GB and increasingly stretching upward of 150GB, you’ll need to be selective about what stays in your daily rotation..
  • For instance, while 4K gaming sounds like a big deal (and it is), you’ll be surprised how well most modern TVs can upscale content..
  • But if you missed out on those opportunities, Dell presents another with a sale that brings Microsoft’s entry-level gaming console down to $229.99..
The Xbox Series S is down to $229The Xbox Series S is down to $229 / Its $70 off at Dell, which is nearly enough to buy an expansion card when storage space eventually runs out.ByQuentyn Kennem [+2653 chars]

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