Cool to See Justin Timberlakes Take on Women Hasnt Changed Jezebel

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  • “And when I listened to the whole album, I felt like it’s probably, of all the songs on the album, production-wise, probably the most straightforward, and I don’t want to say simple because it’s complex within its simplicity to me.” Alright, Walmart Mozart..
  • But I don’t know, it just felt like a really honest song.” Yeah...because men have never once written a song about wishing they could control women..
  • Of course, public curiosity is only further piqued considering that no one’s really heard from Timberlake since his famed ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears, revealed the good (there wasn’t much!.
  • “We were talking about the song itself and just breaking down the idea that you just don’t hear that from men often, that they would express an emotion that makes them vulnerable,” he explained..
  • That said, I get why some folks are eager to learn what his new album—a reported 18-song tracklist—might sound like..
  • However, if “Selfish,” is any indication of what’s to come on the other 17 tracks, well, I fear Timberlake hasn’t evolved much since the end of his time with Spears—at least not sonically..
This just in Justin Timberlake is back with Selfish, the first single from his forthcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was. Rolling Stone called it an expression of vulnerability; NME thought it [+3202 chars]

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