Hisense Reveals 100Inch TV for $3000, Just in Time for the Big Game CNET

Image for article Hisense Reveals 100Inch TV for $3000, Just in Time for the Big Game  CNET
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  • We haven't reviewed either model but based on those specifications, we expect the Hisense U76N to have better image quality than the TCL S4.We have reviewed Hisense's more expensive U8K series, however, which also comes in a 100-inch size..
  • The Hisense U76N is available now for $3,000 and offers a less expensive alternative to extra-large TVs from brands like Samsung.It's not the least expensive TV in this size range, however..
  • When it was in stock, the U8K sold for $4,000.Based on its specifications, the new Hisense U76N seems to strike a middle ground in price and performance between the U8K and the TCL S4..
  • How we test TVs The extra-large display joins Hisense's higher-performance 100-inch model, which will be restocked next month..
  • Our review lauded the U8K's excellent image quality for the money, thanks in part to the superior brightness of mini-LED..
  • Both have the Google TV smart system, but the Hisense U76N offers QLED technology and full-array local dimming, which the TCL model lacks..
Looking for another bigscreen option for the big game next month? Hisense has released a new 100inch TV, the U76N, bringing the massive display to market soon after it was announced at CES 2024. Th [+1120 chars]

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