A DeepDive Into the Impressive Photo Tech in the OnePlus 12 PetaPixel

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  • Alongside the new 3x telephoto camera, which is often the go-to camera for Portrait Mode, the new phone allows mobile photographers to realistically recreate bokeh and flare effects from famous Hasselblad lenses, including the XCD 30mm, 65mm, and 90V primes..
  • This same camera is in the OnePlus Open, which PetaPixel described in its review as “solid and very reliable.” Compared to its predecessor, the 12’s telephoto camera has more zoom, more megapixels, and a bigger sensor..
  • However, due to the single-slab design of the 12, OnePlus engineers have a bit more space to work within the new device.The Open marked OnePlus’ first foray into the Sony Lytia LYT-800-series image sensor lineup, sporting the customized LYT-T808 chip for its main camera..
  • While the loss of light-gathering, dropping from an f/2 to an f/2.6 aperture, may seem like a downgrade at first glance, the 64MP camera is an OV64B sensor that is 76% larger than the IMX709, more than making up for the loss of lens brightness..
  • The bokeh effects look very natural and in ideal situations, the images look like those captured with a much larger “real” camera..
  • “This revolutionary camera technology dramatically increases the full well capacity of the ‘T’ sensor..
Earlier this week, OnePlus fully revealed its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 12. While PetaPixel continues to work on a full review, which will deliver a deep dive into the phones photo fea [+6892 chars]

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