FAA approves a path for Boeing 737 Max 9s to return to operations CNN

Image for article FAA approves a path for Boeing 737 Max 9s to return to operations  CNN
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  • “We don’t put planes in the air that we don’t have 100% confidence in.” Calhoun acknowledged the seriousness of passengers’ concerns about flying, and he said he came to Washington in the spirit of transparency and openness to help lawmakers better understand the company’s efforts to improve safety..
  • “I will be holding hearings to investigate the root causes of these safety lapses.” Cantwell said that in her meeting with Calhoun earlier in the day, she emphasized that Boeing has to prioritize quality and engineering first..
  • “We will return each Max 9 aircraft to service once this thorough inspection process is complete,” said Toby Enqvist, executive vice president and chief operations officer at United..
  • Boeing has faced repeated quality and safety issues with its aircraft for five years now, leading to the long-term grounding of some jets and the halt in deliveries of others..
  • Boeing’s production of the 737 Max, its best selling plane, has still not returned to the rate of production that it had before two fatal crashes led to a 20-month grounding of the plane in 2019..
  • ” In a statement Wednesday, Boeing said it will “continue to cooperate fully and transparently with the FAA and follow their direction as we take action to strengthen safety and quality at Boeing..
Boeing CEO David Calhouns Wednesday was decidedly a mixed bag The Federal Aviation Administration finally approved a set of inspection criteria for the 171 grounded 737 Max 9 planes that, if followe [+6726 chars]

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