With $590M in more funding, Magic Leap loosk to the future | interview VentureBeat

Image for article With $590M in more funding, Magic Leap loosk to the future | interview  VentureBeat
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  • Something lighter weight, maybe meant more for a mobile device, would not be able to do what we need this to do.VentureBeat: With semiconductor strategies, sometimes I think companies will opt for a platform that somebody else can invest in more, and then you get the benefit of that..
  • You throw around terms like “industrial metaverse,” talking about digital twins of factory floors or specific equipment, those aspects of the metaverse are what customers are most interested in right now..
  • We think about all those things as we design our road map.VentureBeat: Do you use Qualcomm chips, or something else?Diez: Right now the chip is AMD..
  • But it became too narrow a view of what the metaverse is.It’s pretty commonly accepted or agreed upon that the true capabilities of the metaverse will come to life when it’s a fabric built of digital experiences ingrained or embedded into the physical world..
  • It’s a big part of what we’re doing and where we deliver value.VentureBeat: Is that potentially something where you have a chance to sell in thousands of products, one of the big efforts or big companies?Diez: That’s the road map, moving this from POCs to larger-scale deployments..
  • Because it was one company leading the conversation at the time, it became very much about artificial digital environments that remove you from the physical world..

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