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  • And when Alexandra dumps him after the interrogations, will it really stick?• Can we just note all the blue we’re seeing: the blue scarf Imogene’s mother gave her before she died, her mother’s blue car that blew up..
  • By the end of episode two, we learn she is in fact right about her room being surveilled — we get a quick shot of someone watching Leila and Anna in bed together..
  • She had two encounters with him: one in the dining room, where she catches him taking a picture of the Colliers, and another in a hallway, where she claims to have seen him following her not just on this boat but in Sydney and New York as well..
  • Regardless, I hope you’ve packed your sea legs, people, because we are off.The first two episodes of Death and Other Details are stuffed with so much information and so many characters they could sink the Varuna before it even sets sail on the Mediterranean..
  • The lingering feelings these two women obviously have for each other may make things awkward since Anna’s wife, the wildly paranoid “retired clickbait journalist” Leila, is also on the boat..
  • We know that whoever killed Danny got into his room by hiding inside the bar cart, which means this person was already in the room when Imogene was there smashing watches..
Not to be dramatic or anything, but cruises are actual hell on earth. Like, Cruise People, what are you doing with your lives? Paying money to have someone send you off to the middle of the ocean its [+15787 chars]

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