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  • Another well-known podcaster and executive said for some shows, the decline in downloads was as high as 40%.“Nearly every podcast that regularly publishes got an enormous haircut,” one podcast industry insider said.In this article:Podcasters are keeping quiet on the falling audience metrics..
  • Even better under the old rules: For people who listened to a show, dropped off for a while, but started listening again later, Apple would automatically download every show in between..
  • The arrangement drove big download numbers, a crucial metric for ad sales and a sign of the vast reach of podcasts as a medium.For instance, The Daily and Dateline both publicly touted reaching over a billion total downloads..
  • A small tweak with little warning from Apple sent even the biggest podcasts into a frenzy, wondering what will happen to audiences, how it could impact revenue and talent deals.At least one of the big players is trying to avoid this..
  • Though Apple is a partner for the Times, the publication also launched its own standalone audio app last year to create a direct connection with fans and in part to better insulate themselves from changes made by the platforms..
  • A user who listened to a show like The New York Times’ The Daily a few times, subscribed, but stopped listening would continue to count as a download indefinitely..
Apple has quietly tightened its reporting of how many people listen to podcasts, sending shock waves through an embattled audio industry still reeling from the end of the COVIDera production bubble. [+1947 chars]

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