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  • He’s often praised for overseeing what is probably the greatest development success story of modern Africa; he’s also a dictator.The former military officer changed the Rwandan constitution to scrap an inconvenient term limit and cement his firm grip on the levers of power, while clamping down on dissent..
  • Forced from office in 2018 by mass protests following the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová, Fico rose from the political ashes to become Slovakian prime minister for the fourth time late last year..
  • All of which is to say: When you catch up with President Duda at Davos, don’t assume he’s speaking for Poland.The Saudi Arabian state oil and gas company is Aramco — the world’s biggest energy firm — and Amin Nasser is its boss..
  • While some say it’s too early to tell where he’ll land (given his dad’s still on the scene, along with his Communist loyalists), the fact is: Many hallmarks of autocracy are still present in Cambodia..
  • Luckily, the 46-year-old is used to being the odd one out at a shindig: She’s both the first woman and the youngest-ever Hungarian president.You’d think Novák, given her background, would be a trail-blazing feminist seeking to inspire women to reach for the stars..
  • Unless, of course, you’re the next person on our list …Jared Kushner is the closest anyone on the mountain is likely to come to Trump, the former — and possibly future — billionaire baron-cum-anti-elitist president of the United States of America..
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