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  • Set before Rapture’s downfall, the game begins with Dewitt meeting Elizabeth, who tasks him with assisting her in rescuing a missing girl named Sally.Burial at Sea’s first part allows players to explore a fully operational Rapture set before the events of the first game..
  • They could even choose which of the two groups to support, unlocking different rewards as a result.Note: The game was shut down a decade ago and is no longer available to play online.The third mainline BioShock game, BioShock Infinite follows a Pinkerton detective named Booker Dewitt..
  • If all goes to plan, it seems BioShock fans will be feasting on a banquet of twisted sci-fi goodness over the next few years.Callum Williams is a freelance media writer with years of experience as a game critic, news reporter, guides writer and features writer..
  • Casting players as a worker completing cog-based puzzles, Industrial Revolution allowed pre-ordering customers to unlock special items and upgrades that transferred to BioShock Infinite.As players completed challenges, they learned more about the conflicts running through Infinite’s world, including the battle between the Vox Populi and the Founders..
  • It attempts to wrap up some of the franchise’s biggest mysteries while directly setting up the events of the original game.Read our review of Burial at Sea Episode 2.The franchise's debut entry, BioShock follows Jack, the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash..
  • The game will seemingly also follow BioShock Infinite’s lead by opting for a fresh setting, with job listings referencing the team building a “new and fantastical world.”A sequel isn't the only long-awaited BioShock product currently in production..
Players were enamored by the BioShock series from the moment they escaped a crashed aircraft, entered a mysterious lighthouse, and embarked on their undersea voyage to the crumbling city of Rapture. [+9796 chars]

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