David Soul, half of crimefighting duo Starsky & Hutch, dies at 80 The Washington Post

Image for article David Soul, half of crimefighting duo Starsky & Hutch, dies at 80  The Washington Post
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  • The show was in large part a buddy comedy, with the detectives drinking, playing pool and getting into trouble with a streetwise informant named Huggy Bear (Antonio Fargas) while trying to avoid incurring the wrath of their no-nonsense captain, Harold Dobey (Bernie Hamilton)..
  • Soul came to call Glaser his brother — and their on-screen repartee helped fuel the show’s popularity for four seasons, even as critics railed against the violence that dominated most episodes..
  • While filming the show, he was arrested for striking his third wife, Patti Carnel Sherman, who alleged that he had attacked her multiple times during their marriage, breaking bones in her hand and a finger, and sitting on her stomach when she was seven months pregnant.Mr..
  • He later spoke out against domestic abuse, visiting prisons and talking with people who were recently incarcerated.“I think every time you lose a balance in your life you lose the plot,” he told Britain’s Sunday Telegraph in 2004..
  • He once remarked that the show “wasn’t that good” and had caught on in part because “everyone liked the car.”But he also dreamed of making a film with Glaser that followed their characters into maturity..
  • A decade before the launch of “Starsky,” he performed in New York coffeehouses and appeared on “The Merv Griffin Show” as “the Covered Man,” a singer disguised with a black ski mask..
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