Report Kevin Dunn gives notice to WWE Cageside Seats

Image for article Report Kevin Dunn gives notice to WWE  Cageside Seats
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  • With McMahon’s power over the week-to-week creative & production having been curtailed since Endeavor spun the brand off with UFC as TKO Group holdings, this isn’t a shock.His tenure with the company is a long one, and his ties to Vince run deep..
  • Over the ensuing decades, his role has grew from an Associate Producer to his current title, and he became one of the most loyal & trusted members of Vince’s team..
  • Dunn often played the heavy under Vince, and was generally not spoken of favorably by former employees — or current ones talking to the media anonymously.More to come, certainly..
  • Dunn’s father worked with Vince’s father, and Kevin was hired by the younger McMahon shortly after he purchased the then-WWF from Vince Sr (as he was known)..
His title is Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution, but as important as that sounds it may undersell the role Kevin Dunns played in WWE over the course of his time with the c [+1638 chars]

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