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  • I’ve recommended plenty of their products over the years and have been tempted to check out an Anker Nebula projector for some time.Just ahead of the holidays, I contacted the company to check out a review unit, and shopped around for a decently priced projector screen..
  • When the weather warms up, the idea of rolling up the screen and taking the projector outside is certainly appealing.At $800, it should probably be regarded as more of a television replacement, rather than a secondary screen..
  • Even the low end is significantly larger than the average TV set, which sits somewhere between 30 and 65 inches.The story of how I ended up with a 100-inch projector screen in my bedroom is an entirely unexciting combination of pricing, comparison shopping and reading reviews..
  • Until fairly recently, however, it seemed that price and ease of use lagged greatly when compared to the far more popular television option.In the dozen years since it was founded in Shenzhen, Anker has grown into an accessory powerhouse..
  • At some point along the way, we’ve severed our final ties first to terrestrial television and then to the cable companies.Movies, live television, sports — all of these familiar paradigms have adapted to the digital age..
  • Space, on the other hand, will be a concern for as long as I live in a city like New York on a journalist’s salary.I’ve contemplated projector life over the years — I’ve also tested some here and there..
Ive been one of the those I dont own a TV people for a long time. Really my entire adult life, excepting those times when I shared my living space with someone who brought their own to the party.My [+5432 chars]

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