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  • Some also create fake numerical keypads that record the keystrokes of users, to steal such passwords.Before putting your card into a reader, the FBI says there are some easy and effective ways to protect your information..
  • Local law enforcement agencies should also be made aware of possible scams.As for the skimming devices found in Massachusetts, a supermarket spokesperson said customers that shopped and used self-checkout lanes at those grocery stores on or before Christmas Eve may have been impacted..
  • Be sure to inspect the reader and look for any loose parts or damage..
  • Scratches or damage to adhesive tape can also be indicators that it has been tampered with..
  • Still, there had been no reports of compromised customer data several days after the devices were found..
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SUDBURY, Mass. (NEXSTAR/WWLP) The discovery of credit card skimmers at multiple New Englandarea retail outlets has prompted local authorities to urge customers to be wary of similar scams.On Chris [+3668 chars]

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