Biggest Gaming Fails and Blunders of 2023 Decrypt

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  • This immediately enraged developers, who said they were “fucking livid” (and plenty else) over the new fees and worried that it might result in studios owing more money to Unity than they’d make.About a week later, Unity apologized for the announcement and walked back some of its changes..
  • On top of that, it was promoted by the biggest YouTuber by subscriber count, Mr. Beast.But the Creator League quickly crumbled when one of the names attached, Connor “CDawgVA” Colquhoun, tweeted that he was backing out of the league because he didn’t know it involved the use of blockchain..
  • Shortly after, about $50,000 worth of the stolen assets were surprisingly returned.While this example has a slightly happier ending, leaking a seed phrase—and losing roughly $10,000 worth of crypto—is still a massive fail worth noting..
  • OTK’s Chief Strategy Officer later told Decrypt that his organization didn’t know there was crypto involved, either.The Creator League was then widely criticized on social media for not mentioning—or perhaps hiding—its use of blockchain tech..
  • In August, a blockchain gaming YouTuber accidentally revealed his wallet’s seed phrase during one of his livestreams—resulting in about $60,000 worth of assets being drained from his wallet..
  • Most notably, it said that developers who didn’t upgrade to the 2024 version of Unity would be able to avoid the new fee, as will developers using Unity Personal..
Its been an impactful year for gaming. There have been plenty of big, critically acclaimed releases like The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Baldurs Gate 3, and Starfield as 2023 arguably prov [+6205 chars]

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