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  • I think next year will be a special year for the project.”Keiichiro Toyama(Known for Silent Hill series, SIREN series, Gravity Rush series)—Ambitions for 2024“2024 will be a decisive year in which our studio’s first title Slitterhead will really begin being shown..
  • Please wait just a little longer.”■ Too Kyo GamesKotaro Uchikoshi(Known for AI: The Somnium Files series, Zero Escape series, Ever17)—Ambitions for 2024“Sorry that I can’t officially announce it yet, but I hope to announce a crazy-insane title that will go down in video games history during the year..
  • We will do everything we can to be able to do so in 2024, so please continue to give us your support.”■ GPTRACK50Hiroyuki Kobayashi(Known for Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry series, Sengoku Basara series, Dragon’s Dogma, etc..
  • If you ‘want to go on a grand adventure‘ together, we look forward to meeting you!”■ M2Naoki Horii(Known for DoDonPachi Blissful Death Re:Incarnation)—Ambitions for 2024“Next year, a new M2-original title should come out, so I hope you can look forward to it..
  • )—Ambitions for 2024“We’re also developing various other things beyond Tekken, so please allow us to advertise them again [on 4Gamer.net] when the time comes.”■ Bokeh Game StudioKazunobu Sato(Known for SIREN series, Puppeteer, The Last Guardian)—Ambitions for 2024“Bokeh Game Studio continues its hard work on the development of Slitterhead..
  • Our next project is particularly befitting of the name ‘too kyo’ (too crazy), being a game that can only come off as insane, and I hope to be able to announce it next year..
4Gamer.net has published the 2024 edition of its annual endofyear creator interviews. The website interviewed 176 creators this year, several of which tease new titles and announcements to come in [+8420 chars]

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