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  • Figuring out what to do after that, well, that comes after.And so, when she lets her guard down just for a moment in a remote, friendly diner, and imagines a better life, a kinder life, of course, that’s when the snare finally catches her ankle..
  • It’s the first moment, coming in episode seven, that we’ve finally heard what Dorothy wants..
  • Moorjani got her shine last week, Hamm’s been delighting in the sleazy Sheriff’s skin for weeks, and finally, it’s Temple’s turn to let Dorothy loose in episode seven..
  • Dot’s finally been able to tell her story and finally equipped herself to receive it..
  • Linda isn’t just the smoking gun, she’s the injustice of Dorothy’s past made manifest: The woman who escaped, the woman who got to forget..
  • Of course, it can’t be her reality.Aside from a few footnotes, “Linda” focuses almost entirely on Dorothy’s journey, that “thing [she] had to take care of” she mentioned to Indira two weeks ago..
A guy with a cool eyepatch named Danish Graves once said We have our own reality. That, more than anything, might be Fargo season fives mission statement. For weeks, weve watched Dorothy bob and wea [+8509 chars]

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