Pika Labs texttovideo AI platform opens to all Heres how to use it VentureBeat

Image for article Pika Labs texttovideo AI platform opens to all Heres how to use it  VentureBeat
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  • Users can then launch the platform and start describing their stories for producing video content in varied styles.“We know firsthand that making high-quality content is difficult and expensive, and we built Pika to give everyone, from home users to film professionals, the tools to bring high-quality video to life..
  • Stability recently added its Stable Video Diffusion model to its AI platform for developers; Runway is already being used to add motion to memes driving virality while Adobe is experimenting with capabilities like video upscaling and object editing for its Creative Cloud products..
  • The move to launch the tool comes as the other players in the AI video space, including Stability AI and Runway, try to race ahead with their respective offerings to give businesses and individuals a way to easily create video content..
  • Pika says that the model can produce a wide range of content, including 3D animations, live-action clips and cinematic videos, as well as modify moving objects (like a horse or an outfit) with simple text prompts..
  • When producing a video from text, the tool provides a range of options to work with, including a way to adjust frames per second between 8 to 24 and the aspect ratio of the clip..
  • Imagine being able to convert a static meme into a cinematic clip.To get started with video generation on Pika, users have to sign up via Google or Discord on the company’s dedicated web platform..
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