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  • That same user returned and posted that their Steam Points balance had increased by one single point and they didn’t know why..
  • For now, though, we can all take comfort in knowing that someone who needed one point got that one point..
  • What followed were all sorts of comments and theories arguing that it was impossible, or laying out schemes that involved buying a specifically priced game and then spending the exact amount of excess points to reach 69,000.Then, on December 25, a miracle happened!.
  • Maybe one day Valve will let you exchange them for coupons or something, but for now, they are only used to buy new cosmetic decorations for your Steam profile or to provide awards to user-generated content and comments..
  • However, because of how Steam Points are earned, there seemed no simple way to get that one measly point..
  • Was it a lone Valve employee who, right before they left the building to celebrate the holidays, decided to grant one user a small gift?.
A Steam user on Christmas Eve had a question How do you earn just one measly little Steam Point? They were at 68,999 points and wanted to hit 69,000 because, you know, its a nice number and all that [+2028 chars]

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