Microsoft Slips Standalone Copilot AI App Into Android Store Decrypt

Image for article Microsoft Slips Standalone Copilot AI App Into Android Store  Decrypt
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  • These services have leveraged the power of generative AI to provide a better user experience, allowing people to get better advice, make better image edits, receive better translations, and benefit from overall better outputs across every mode.Edited by Ryan Ozawa..
  • Something similar happened with OpenAI’s original ChatGPT app, which was made available on iOS first and then ported to Android.Decrypt contacted Microsoft asking for more information about the app and to confirm whether there would be an iOS release..
  • Microsoft did not respond, however, as their media relations office is taking a "wellness break," according to an automated email response.As traditional virtual assistants face new competitors, the industry is enjoying a rapid diversification of offerings and a race towards more advanced, user-centric solutions..
  • Many other apps are in the market, from chatbots like Poe and Replika to general assistants like ChatGPT and Copilot.Also, many existing and popular apps have increased their capabilities thanks to AI integrations, such as Facetune, Deepl, Grammarly, and Duolingo..
  • The Copilot app integrates the sophisticated language and image generation capabilities of GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 with GPT-Vision’s image analyzing features..
With nary a soundor corporate press releaseMicrosoft has quietly rolled out a new standalone AI chatbot app for Android. Dubbed Copilot and first spotted by a Twitter user, this release from the Redm [+3219 chars]

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