Google Is Giving A Surprise Android 14 Battery Boost To Pixel Users Forbes | Summary

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  • The part status has three values: UNSUPPORTED (the device can’t differentiate an original battery from a replaced battery), ORIGINAL (the device has the original battery it was manufactured with), or REPLACED (the device has a replaced battery)..
  • Pixel users will be able to do the same when the new battery health meter is made available.There is one potential key difference between Google’s new suite of battery measuring tools and Apple’s: parts pairing..
  • All together this gives Pixel users desperately needed information about the state of their phone’s battery and makes the phone easier to repair..
  • If your iPhone 15 battery flatlines, you will have to replace it with a genuine battery, bought from the company, and have it installed by Apple or an Apple-authorized repair shop..
  • If you don’t, you might lose the battery health feature.This happens because of Apple’s policy of serialization, which links certain components in its devices to the logic board using unique serial numbers..
  • Your Apple Pencil may draw squiggly lines if the iPad display is replaced, or a white shadow might appear on your MacBook Pro display if the screen is repaired incorrectly.Google’s Pixel 8 doesn’t currently have any parts pairing and the company has committed to making components for seven years..
The Google Pixel 8 Pro. Janhoi McGregorTaking inspiration from the iPhones battery tools, Pixel phone users are set to get a major battery boost in an upcoming Android update.The new feature w [+3370 chars]

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