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  • The change of story direction actually worked well, even if Pandarens did feel like an odd choice for a playable race.The new zones were breathtaking at the time, and Blizzard generally did a solid job with the significant experiences..
  • That said, the story remains significantly muddied, and the game is suffering from bloat, with many things to do but not much direction as to why we’re supposed to as players.Easily the most controversial expansion release of all time, Cataclysm quite literally changed everything about the World of Warcraft..
  • With Cataclysm Classic set to release in the middle of 2024, Dexerto is taking a look back at all nine WoW expansions so far to see which comes out on top.Of all the World of Warcraft expansions to release so far, Shadowlands really does feel like a distant last..
  • The new central hub of Valdrakken is well put together, and the verticality of the new zones and the introduction of Dragonriding make for a combination that feels like a win in the first instance..
  • Some solid dungeons were on offer (Freehold in particular), and some engaging new activities were available to participate in.A lot of BfA’s poor reputation comes from its storytelling, which is a valid criticism, but the expansion was, all things considered, decent..
  • Each area of the Broken Shore was wildly varied, and Argus was like nothing in the game before or since.The addition of pseudo-science fiction could have been a grave misstep, but the whole thing worked as an overall package..
In its role as the most popular MMO in history, World of Warcraft has been through some significant ups and downs throughout its near20year history.Here, we rank every single expansion to date.Th [+8781 chars]

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